Friday, August 22, 2014

Dreadlock holiday

Nine-week-old Border Collie puppy herds sheep

Like a true professional.

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Cat investigates knitted lampshade

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Snake slithered into woman's home and ate three of her canaries

A 4-foot long Kingsnake slithered into a woman's home and ate three canaries that were in a cage on Tuesday morning.

Teresa Olivas, from Pottawatomie County, Oklahoma, said she often checks for snakes outside but never expected to wake up and see one in her birdcage.

She says she thinks it entered through an open window, a bit of a surprise considering the size of the snake. "Even the officer said, 'How did it get in there?'

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"He was a really big snake," she said. Deputies removed the snake, and the family says it will now keep all windows closed.

Passengers ran for their lives after 'foreign man' appeared to faint on Shanghai train

A 'foreign man' collapsing on the Shanghai metro in China caused passengers to flee the carriage and triggered a stampede to the exits, in a bizarre incident captured on camera.

Filmed on the evening of August 9, the video – just released – shows a white man slumping over sideways in his seat and then rolling onto the floor of the subway car. As he hit the floor, passengers started running away from the man, leaving the carriage almost empty.

At the next stop, passengers are seen scrambling out of the train, with at least one man almost getting trampled in the stampede. The commotion may have been partly caused by a fellow passenger shouting “Accident!” after the man collapsed.

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The footage then cuts to a scene of the man on his feet and looking dazed as two people, likely metro staff, inspect the carriage. Finding nothing, the staff leave and the man takes a seat as the doors close.

Stray kitten rescued after getting head stuck in wooden garden table

A family from the Lee suburb of Lewisham, south east London, found a stray kitten in their back garden with its head stuck in a table.

A vet from the Lewisham branch of animal trust Celia Hammond was sent to help the distressed kitten. The kitten was then sedated so the wood could be broken to release its little head.

An investigation has been launched to search for the remainder of its family as no one has claimed the kitty. A stray mother and several siblings were spotted in the surrounding area. The worry is that cats left unneutered continue to have litters.

Manager of rescue and re-homing at Celia Hammond, Lesley Mills, said: "If we don’t find the rest of the family, we could end up with 50 to 60 cats." The rescued kitten has no injuries but is a little cranky. The search for its family continues.

Deported Lithuanian burglar returned to UK to retrieve hidden stolen jewellery

A deported burglar was caught and re-jailed when he returned to Peterborough to retrieve stolen jewellery he had hidden under floorboards. The home of Alexandra Kalandrani was ransacked by Lithuanian Marius Siurkus in March. He was jailed for burglary in June. After release he was deported, but was found 10 days later back in the city.

Siurkus, 32, and accomplice Mantas Pronckus, 27, pleaded guilty to burgling the house Ms Kalandrani shared with her mother. Pronckus is currently serving a two-year sentence, but Siurkus, jailed for a year, was released earlier this month and deported to Lithuania. On 13 August, just 10 days after he was deported, he was identified as a suspect in an assault investigation in Peterborough. On 15 August Siurkus was arrested by Cambridgeshire Police at his old home in St Martin's Street.

Officers noticed floorboards in the property had been lifted, and a quantity of jewellery from the burglary was discovered. The "irreplaceable" jewellery, given to Ms Kalandrani by her mother, who died three months after the burglary, has now been returned to her. "I'm extremely happy. Sadly some of the more sentimental items have not been found, but it's just bizarre," Ms Kalandrani said. "I'm excited to have the jewellery back, but also frustrated because there's been a failure somewhere.

"I don't understand how someone can walk back into the country so easily despite being deported." Cambridgeshire Police said Siurkus had returned to prison to serve out the rest of his sentence. No further action took place over the assault. Det Con Jason Hancock said: "We will continue to track down and arrest those responsible for burglary and tackle offenders who ignore deportation orders." The Home Office, which monitors UK immigration and customs controls through its Border Force section, refused to comment on whether measures were in place to prevent deported prisoners such as Siurkus re-entering the country.

Women caught on camera stealing freshly laid lawn

When Bobby Stacey reviewed footage from a newly installed CCTV camera outside his home in Skelmersdale, Lancashire, he was surprised to see two middle age-looking women creeping along a footpath and making off with bundles of his neighbour's freshly laid lawn.

They returned again and again and on each occasion, pulled up large sections of the turf before hurriedly carrying it down the street until more than half of the new lawn was pilfered. "I couldn't stop laughing," Mr Stacey said. "I was annoyed at the same time though. The reason I got the CCTV in the first place is because my shed had been broken into a few weeks earlier and a load of tools were stolen.

"So I put padlock on the shed. Then the thieves came back and used my own bolt cutters to cut the lock and steal a mountain bike. It's just cheeky." Mr Stacey said his neighbour had spent the previous day laying the new grass. "The guy spent all day levelling that ground, making it look good and then to come out the next morning and it's gone. It's just terrible."

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Lancashire Police confirmed the incident was reported to them. "Police have investigated this incident," a spokeswoman said. "We're at the stage that there are no further lines of inquiry but would appeal to anyone with information to come forward." Mr Stacey said the thieves moved in on the turf shortly after 5am and that the theft took around 40 minutes to complete. "They even took a cigarette break," he said.

Dog found science disc 50 years too late to get five shillings reward

A dog has found part of a science project in the shape of a disc - 50 years too late to get a reward. Barney the collie brought the red plastic disc to his owner David Russell, after finding it on Silecroft beach, in west Cumbria. It had been thrown into the Irish Sea in the 1960s as part of a study into water movement and gone adrift.

Mr Russell, of Batley, West Yorkshire, returned it to Bangor University but was too late to get a five shillings - the equivalent of 25p in today’s metric system - reward The drifter disc had been released by John Harvey, now a retired oceanographer, who was then working in the university's marine science laboratory.

The disc was one of many released as part of the project and most never came back - this one being washed up more than 100 miles (161km) up the north west coast. Mr Russell said: "There must be something about the currents that bring things to this beach - I've previously found a meteorological balloon here." Mr Harvey said he found it "disturbing" that the plastic had lasted so long - a copper weight attached had eroded away.

"The research told us about the movement of seabed and sea-surface currents in the Irish Sea, and the results were published in a journal in 1968. We typically had return rates of about 34% for our drifters", he explained. The plastic has a very long life in the sea - it is in a good condition after 50 years, which is somewhat disturbing - unfortunately there is far too much plastic in the world's oceans generally."

Hazardous response team sent to rescue elderly woman injured in maze

A 'highly skilled' hazardous response team was called to rescue an elderly woman who fell and injured herself in the 10 acre Blake House Craft Centre maze in Braintree, Essex.

The woman was rushed to hospital on Tuesday afternoon after falling at the 8-foot-tall maize maze at around 2.30pm. The hazardous response team is described as highly skilled and able to "work in difficult environments".

A spokesman for the East of England Ambulance Service NHS Trust said: "An elderly woman injured her arm when she fell in a maze.

"As she was in a maze, it was quite difficult for our crews to transport her out using their normal equipment so we dispatched HART who have a specialist piece of equipment that was used to stretcher the woman out. She was then taken to Broomfield Hospital for further assessment and treatment."

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Are we nearly there yet?

This man found a little spider in his shed

Looks like a friendly thing.

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2,000 animals removed from man's home

Officials in Louisiana made a startling discovery on Friday, finding approximately two thousand animals, the majority in poor condition, living at a home in Lawtell just west of Baton Rouge. The owner, 64-year-old Donald Lefleur, was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

"(There were) dogs, cats, geese, chickens, pheasants, a little bit of everything. Also, snakes.” said St. Landry Parish Director of Administration, Jessie Bellard. Rabbits, peacocks, and turtles were also rescued. The stench alone could be smelled from the road. Tipped off from a caller out of New Orleans, Bellard said he immediately obtained a warrant after visiting the house and seeing the conditions inside.

"The smell was horrendous,” said Bellard. “The chickens were in some little crates and they lived in faeces until it built up so much they could jump out of the crate." Bellard says around 100 chickens were roaming inside and 20 dogs were living in crates, some so small they could barely move. It took most of the day for crews to find and collect all the animals. Also found around the property, rotting carcasses and chickens eating other chickens.

YouTube link. Original news video.

But what Bellard found most shocking was Lefleur's reaction to the seizure. "He was very surprised that we were going to take his animals,” said Bellard. “He didn't think he did anything wrong." Some animals are in such bad shape, they'll have to be euthanized. But there is hope for others - albeit a long road to recovery. “The employees are going to have to make sure all animals are accounted for and documented and the veterinarians are going to be looking at the 4-legged animals,” said Bellard. Once they are treated and deemed healthy, they'll be up for adoption or a foster home.

Man snoozing in armchair woke up to find blood-covered stranger passed out on his couch

A man from Marlborough, Massachusetts, fell asleep in an armchair in his living room early on Saturday morning, only to wake up hours later to find a bloody stranger passed out on a couch across the room. The homeowner quickly got his wife, two small children and father-in-law out of the house and called police, who arrived and had to awaken, then arrest, Timothy Francis Benway, 30, of Framingham.

When police arrived, Benway, who was wearing winter gloves and covered in blood from cuts and scratches all over his legs, was still asleep on the couch and was difficult to rouse, according to a police report filed in Marlborough District Court. The homeowner told police he had fallen asleep in a chair in his living room at about 1:00am. He woke up again just before 4:30am and saw Benway across the room, asleep and covered in blood with his shorts ripped open, according to the police report.

Police said Benway got into the home through an attached apartment, where the homeowner's father-in-law lives. Police said the door to the outside was closed and locked, but the latch gave way when Benway pushed on the door. Officer Peter Richardson wrote in his report that Benway's injuries appeared to be consistent with a "highly intoxicated" individual walking through a wooded area, falling down and hurting himself.

Police took Benway to the station and booked him. Hours after the arrest, he told police he had no recollection of how he received the injuries to his legs. He also said he didn't know the family in the home where he was found, according to the report. Benway was charged with entering a building at nighttime and putting a person in fear, and vandalism, because of the blood on the couch. Marlborough District Court Judge Michael Fabbri set Benway's bail at $500.

Woman punched man who farted in her face

A South Carolina woman punched a 64-year-old man after he “passed gas” in her face on Monday night.

According to a police report, Jessica Cerney, 33, was laying on the couch in a Myrtle Beach residence when Darrell McKnight “came into the house intoxicated and ‘passed gas’ in her face.” Cerney told police that she left the home to get away from McKnight, but said that he followed her outside.

As the two argued over the incident, Cerney said, the cursing McKnight approached her in a “threatening manner.” Cerney said that when McKnight bent down, she “struck him in the face approximately three times with a closed fist.” The blows left McKnight with a swollen right eye, for which he subsequently received treatment at a local hospital.

Cerney, who was not drunk, did not suffer any injuries during the confrontation. A witness identified as “Ricky” told officers that Cerney and McKnight had been fighting over the gas passing and McKnight’s intoxicated state. Cerney and McKnight were both issued citations for fighting.

Town on alert over mystery person who breaks into peoples homes and poos in their toilets

A town in central Sweden is on the alert after a mystery suspect has repeatedly broken into apartments and defecated in their toilets.

The suspect - dubbed Bajsmannen ("The Poo Man") - remains at large in the town of Mariestad.

The man or woman has repeatedly made their way into people's apartments and done their business in the toilet. Without flushing.

Since early summer at least four households have been hit, with one of the victims, Emmeli Johansson, hit four times alone. She rued the fact that neither her landlord nor the police took her report seriously, and explained that she was forced to change her own locks.

Natural order restored after police removed yoghurt pot from hedgehog's head

Police officers patrolling in Baden-Württemberg. south west Germany, were confronted by a self-imprisoned hedgehog on Tuesday.

Having just dealt with a spate of road accidents and burglaries, a domestic assault and a punch-up in a local betting shop, law-enforcers in Offenburg ended their day with a feel-good intervention.

A hedgehog that had got its head jammed in an empty yoghurt pot surprised two officers while it wandered blind through the town during the night.

After snapping some photos, they removed the container and ushered the creature on its way.

Woman surprised to find boa constrictor in boot of newly-bought car

A Berkshire woman was admiring the £200 second-hand Volkswagen Golf she had just bought, when she opened the boot and saw a three-foot boa constrictor staring up at her.

23-year-old Charlie Wise from Thatcham thought the snake was a toy at first, but when the reptile flicked its tongue she screamed and slammed shut the boot.

Charlie rang the car's previous owner who said he had lost the snake two months ago but did not want the animal anymore.

Local animal charity, Berkshire Reptiles Centre, came and collected the snake who survived the ordeal unscathed.

Drunk man who sneaked onto plane via baggage carousel said he was the co-pilot

A drunken man who managed to sneak on to a plane claimed he was the co-pilot when he was found, a court heard. Lee Jezard admitted boarding an empty Lufthansa plane and breaching security at Birmingham Airport by climbing through a baggage carousel, on 17 July. At Birmingham Magistrates' Court Jezard also admitted stealing £36.45 worth of food from the airport's Caffè Nero.

Jezard, 22, of of Redditch, lost his job as a hotel manager when his employer found out. David Devine, prosecuting described the actions of Jezard as a "drunken escapade". Jezard was discovered aboard a Lufthansa Embraer 195 by cleaning staff, and initially told them "I'm the co-pilot", said Mr Devine. "When they asked him for ID, he had none, and then told them 'I work for the navy'."

"He then said: 'I'm breaking into places to see if people can catch me - I go to prisons and other places'." Security cameras showed Jezard crawling through the opening of a baggage carousel, getting on to the airport's Tarmac apron, and then getting aboard the plane. In mitigation, Tariq Khan said his client "really had very little idea how he arrived at the airport" after going on a drinking binge with friends in Birmingham city centre.

Mr Khan said his client "guessed" he arrived at the airport by train. "I am sure airport staff and management will have been having a close look at events and security will have been tightened up.... this could have been a more serious breach than it was in this case," he said. Jezard was fined £95 for each of the three offences, ordered to pay full compensation to the coffee shop, together with £185 costs and a £20 victim surcharge. An airport spokesperson said the safety and security of its passengers was its "number one priority" and that a full internal investigation had taken place into the incident.

Couple with mutual love of fatbergs celebrated first anniversary with trip down sewer

Rather than celebrate their first year anniversary with dinner or a movie, Dan MacIntyre and girlfriend Dunya Kalantery instead donned overalls and went underground in central London in search of the lumps of congealed fat and waste.

The couple started dating last year and cemented their relationship when they discovered their shared interest after a 15-tonne, double decker bus-sized fatberg of congealed cooking oil - the biggest ever found in the UK - was discovered in Kingston a year ago. "We were both fascinated by the story," says MacIntyre, 27, a learning support worker. "Just the mixture of the different substances – the fat, the sanitary towels, and that as an image. It is really gross and we were fascinated in a disgusted way."

Wanting a surprise for his girlfriend, Mr MacIntyre wrote to Thames Water with the strange request. Kalantery, a 27-year-old art curator, loved the surprise. "I was extremely struck by it, and excited. We got to put on white protective suits, and waders up to our hips." They were each connected to a harness and disappeared down a manhole outside Selfridges shortly before midnight. "The sewers were impressive," she says. "The current of the water was really strong."

"It was also unexpectedly pleasant down there," says MacIntyre. "It wasn't that smelly and it was nice and warm." Then, says Kalantery, "we saw the fat, which was pretty great." Sadly, there were no giant clumps, thanks to the maintenance by sewer workers, but there was enough for the grease enthusiasts to get excited about. Mr MacIntyre addedd: “It was incredible to see real-life fatbergs. We’re very grateful to Thames Water for arranging this trip. It has been a dream come true — the perfect anniversary present.”