Monday, August 31, 2015

Milk and two sugars please

Raccoon enjoys a little swim in the pool

While his brother tries to get him out.

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Truck uproots tree

Demonstrating the pulling power of Dodge trucks.

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Firefighters rescued kitten from different pieces of furniture twice in a week

A curious kitten has been keeping members of the Torrington Fire Department in Connecticut busy.

Firefighters helped the kitten that got its head stuck inside a piece of furniture last Sunday night when a woman from Harwinton took the 9-week-old kitten to the station for help.

For Capt. Kevin Engle and other firefighters at the station, the situation brought on a sense of deja-vu. Owner Heather Robillard had taken the same kitten to the station the previous Tuesday after the cat got its head stuck in a separate piece of furniture in her home. “He must just like playing in furniture,” said Engle.

Engle says members of the department were able to safely cut the cat out within 10 minutes. Engle said the kitten is part of a litter Robillard’s cat recently gave birth to. He also said a member of the department is considering adopting the kitten once he is old enough to be adopted.

Dog on sidewalk is just sleeping and not dead

Comet the dog is not dead. Comet is known for startling passers-by with his bizarre sleeping habits. He likes to nap on the sidewalk in the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood of Vancouver, Canada, flat on his back, twisted up, and that has led more than one person to believe the dog is dead.

"It's constant. All day, every day," said owner Lisa Dyer. Comet has been sleeping in front of Dyer's shop, Hymach Industries, for 14 years now. The dog's napping has attracted the attention of passers-by, the police and the SPCA - who've been called to the intersection so many times, they know him by name.

Comet is a 16-year-old dog described by Hyer as "some kind of crazy wolf." She said she rescued him from "a bad situation" near Prince George. She can't leave the dog at home because he gets anxious and hurts himself, so he has to come to work with her. "He just feels like this is his corner and he's good," Hyer said.

"This is just his spot, he's happy and comfortable here, he's been here all these years. People come by and ring the bells on their bicycles to get him to move. He refuses." Hyer says that if you see Comet on your walk in Mount Pleasant, don't panic; he's fine.

There's an audio report here.

Shoes stolen from feet sticking out of vehicle at McDonald's drive-through

Police in Simcoe, Ontario, Canada, are searching for not only a suspect, but also a pair of shoes.

Norfolk County OPP say they were called to the McDonald’s early on Thursday morning in response to a theft from a vehicle in the drive-through lane.

A passenger in the vehicle had their feet hanging out the window, they say, when a man walked up and pulled the shoes off the passenger’s feet. The man is described as being white and in his late teens, with dirty blonde hair and a pock-marked face.

He was seen in a grey, long-sleeved shirt, khaki pants and a blue hat that he was wearing backwards, and running behind a car wash northwest of the McDonald’s. Police describe the shoes as size 12 Sanuk shoes, which are grey in colour.

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Massive hunt for motorcycling 'syringe psycho'

An unidentified motorcyclist has been terrorising the West Godavari district of Andhra Pradesh in India, pricking women travelling alone with a syringe needle in the past week. But police say the victims haven't been injected with harmful substances. Police have now launched a massive hunt for the for 'syringe psycho' after the first complaint was received on August 22.

According to them, the miscreant has attacked 18 women and targeted his first male victim on Saturday. The 'syringe psycho', roams on a black Pulsar bike, covers his face with a handkerchief, and is said to be around 30 years old. Most of the women were pricked on their thighs during morning hours. Over 200 policemen in 40 teams of five each are scouring the area. “We have intensified our hunt to nab the offender who seems to be a pervert enjoying his prank,” said Bhaskar Bhushan, superintendent of police, West Godavari.

Authorities have released a portrait based on a few sightings and have barricaded roads at several places to check every biker in the district. Police have also announced a reward of Rs 1 lakh (£980, $1,500) to anyone helping in the identification of the suspect. Preliminary tests found no hazardous substance in the needles or in the victims, though the women suffered shock. The attacked women were stable and their blood samples were sent to a Hyderabad lab.

The police have sounded out chemists in Narsapuram division, and have asked them to inform them about individuals who buy syringes. "As he injects his victims in the thigh only, he must have worked in a veterinary hospital, pet clinic or a diagnostic centre," Narsapuram Deputy SP P Sowmya Latha said. "He begins before sunrise and completes his attacks by noon. This is one typical aspect we have come across during our analysis," Latha added. All the victims concur that the 'syringe psycho' controls the bike with his right hand and attacks with the left.

Man used mop to save little girl dangling from window

A Chinese man used quick thinking and a trusty old mop to save the life of a young girl who was dangling from a fourth-storey window.

Wang Baocheng used the mop to support the young girl whose head was stuck between window bars outside her apartment in Weifang City, in the Shandong Province. "I saw the girl hanging from over there. Then I heard her calling for help and quickly ran over,” Mr Baocheng said. "I saw that the girl's head was stuck and it was holding her up.

"When I got upstairs I grabbed onto the window and used a mop to support her." Mr Baocheng risked his own safety to perilously lean out of the window to support the young girl with the mop. As the girl was home along and the door to her apartment was locked, Mr Baocheng continued to hold her up until her parents returned home and pulled her inside.

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A nearby resident who witnessed the incident praised Wang's actions. "Wang held the girl up for more than 10 minutes ... I think his brave and courageous actions are worthy of praise," the resident said. While the little girl suffered a terrible fright, she didn’t suffer any injuries thanks to Mr Baocheng’s quick thinking.

Taxi firm boss surprised by cab transformed into can of Spam

When taxi company owner Mark Fleming arrived at work on Friday morning, he was surprised to see his beloved black London cab had been covered in tin foil and transformed into a giant replica can of Spam.

"I came into work first thing and I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw what had been done," he said. "It is completely covered in tin foil with the word 'Spam' stamped across it, and there is even a spade sticking out to look like a ring pull to open a can."

Staff at 65 Taxis in Hull said they saw two people acting suspiciously near the car at about 4.30am on Friday. They chased the men away from the car, but did not realise the extent of their prank until later.

Mr Fleming said he has been racking his brain to work out who might have masterminded the joke. He believes it could be the handiwork of a local guerrilla street artist. "I actually really like it, and I am the sort of person who can see the funny side, but I have got to admit that I am just a bit confused about who has done it and why."

Serial burglar with fetish for women's underwear arrested while wearing stolen basque in pub

A serial burglar with a fetish for women's underwear was caught by police while wearing a stolen basque in a pub. Carl Nicholson, who has 120 convictions for stealing women's clothing from homes and washing lines, was found with a rucksack packed with stolen knickers. A sharp eyed member of the public tipped off the police after seeing him acting suspiciously and officers found him at the Royal Oak pub in Exeter, Devon, very close to the scene of his most recent raid.

He had only been out of jail for three weeks after ending a four year sentence for identical offences, Exeter Crown Court was told. Nicholson, aged 43, of no fixed address, admitted burglary and theft and was jailed for two years, suspended for two years and ordered to do 100 hours unpaid work and receive drug rehabilitation by Judge Francis Gilbert, QC. He told him: "Your record shows numerous thefts and burglaries, may committed in search for female garments. The pre sentence report says you are suitable for drug rehabilitation and I shall follow that recommendation.

"I should warn you that if you reoffend in the next two years you will serve this sentence. The unpaid work should keep you busy and away from drugs." Jonathan Barnes, prosecuting, said a woman living in Regents Square, Exeter came home on March 14 to find her back gate open and nine pairs of knickers stolen from the line in her yard. The house had also been entered and her underwear drawer had been ransacked and more knickers taken. A neighbour saw Nicholson leaving the area and later spotted him at the Royal Oak in Heavitree. He called the police, who arrested him.

Mr Barnes said:"He was carrying a rucksack in which was found a large quantity of female underwear. he admitted his guilt and when searched was found to be wearing an Ann Summers basque." Nicholson has convictions for 120 offences and has a long record of committing offences of this kind. He was released on February 22 from a four year sentence for burglary. Vanessa Francis, said prison sentences have failed to stop Nicholson's offending in the past and treatment of his underlying drug problem may prove more effective. She urged the Judge to give him credit for his guilty plea and take into account the suggestions of a probation report which deemed him suitable for drug rehabilitation.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

Happy as a pig in the proverbial

Cat strokes snoring pig

Sweet dreams.

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Would-be do-gooder accused of kidnapping and feeding elderly man he thought was homeless

A Connecticut man is accused of kidnapping a man he thought was homeless, then feeding him in his home. Police responding to a home in Danbury just before 6:30pm on Wednesday after receiving an animal complaint were met with a 77-year old man who told them the unusual series of events leading up to the complaint.

He said he'd been pushing a carriage of cans and bottles when another man approached him, and insisted that the man follow him, police said. The victim said the man, identified as David Pope, grabbed him by the arm, escorted him back to Pope's residence and then took him inside.

While they were inside the home, Pope's dog, a pit bull or Staffordshire Terrier, bit the victim’s leg. Even after the dog bite, Pope proceeded to feed the victim. At one point, the victim was able to leave Pope’s house without being detected, went to his own house and called police.

When police officers went to speak with Pope, he refused to put his dog away so officers could not safely interview him. When officers did eventually speak with Pope, he appeared to be drunk and said he thought the victim was homeless and was offering him food. Pope was charged with interfering with the duties of an officer, second-degree reckless endangerment, second-degree kidnapping and disorderly conduct.

Police search for blue burglary suspect

Investigators looking into a break-in early last Sunday morning at a Subway shop in Nevada, Missouri, were surprised to see that the culprit wore a blue Morphsuit.

Police learned of the burglary at the restaurant in Nevada, a city about 90 miles south of Kansas City, when an employee went to open the shop for business and found someone had forced entry through a drive-through service window.

While it was subsequently established that nothing was missing from the store, a review of the store's surveillance system video showed that was not for lack of effort. On the video, detectives came across a burglar emerging from darkness at the back of the store in a full-body, spandex-type costume known as a Morphsuit. He also had on a pair of cowboy boots.

Police say the suspect made multiple attempts to open the store's safe punching in numbers on the safe's keypad. After several failed attempts, he began kicking the safe's handle. Finally, he gave up and left the store the same way he had entered, police said. Nevada Police issued four photos on Monday in the hope that the public can help them locate the “blue burglary suspect.”

Cannabis dealer caught after handing out leaflets with free sample

A man in France has been arrested by the police after he gave out flyers advertising his product together with a free sample of cannabis resin. The 32-year-old man had been handing out the leaflets in his home town of Villeurbanne, in Lyon.

On the handwritten leaflet, the dealer noted that he would even offer home delivery for orders over €100. He added his first name and a phone number, together with a taped half gram of cannabis resin.

Considering his contact details were on the leaflet, local police didn't have too much trouble tracking down the man after one of the leaflets was passed on to officers. When raiding the home of the man, who is unemployed, they found over 100 grams of cannabis. "We stop hashish sellers regularly," Noël Fayet, a superintendent for police in Villeurbanne said.

"But this is the first time we found someone making little leaflets with a little bit of free cannabis. It's a very special method of marketing indeed." The suspect, who will appear in court soon, reportedly told police that he wasn't selling the drugs, rather using the leaflets to find people with whom to enjoy the cannabis.

Bin men hailed as heroes for saving cat from back of garbage truck

Swedish waste collector Bekir Mercil and his two colleagues were on Friday hailed heroes of the day after they saved a terrified cat who had fallen into a garbage truck, stuck in tonnes of food waste headed for the incinerator. Mercil was just ending his morning shift in Stockholm when a distressed colleague called him, saying he had heard a weird noise from the back of his truck and needed help.

The vehicle was full of food waste and it was impossible for the driver to detect where exactly the tiny cries were coming from. “There’s like four to five tonnes of waste in there,” Mercil explained, saying that there was never any doubt in anybody’s mind to come to the animal’s rescue. “Of course! Who doesn’t love animals?”

The trio decided to meet up at a dump in northern Stockholm where they, after gaining permission from the operators, then slowly emptied the truck on the ground. “Otherwise it would have headed for the incinerator, and you can just imagine what would have happened,” he said. “We had a shovel to remove the waste as carefully as we could without doing any harm, and a broom to try to get the cat out.”

Mercil said it took him and his colleagues, Erik and Micke, about 30 minutes to actually get to the cat which they suspect might be wild. It had likely fallen into the vehicle while looking for food in the early hours of Friday. “When it was free, it just spurted out of the truck, totally covered in grease. It trembled like leaf, it was so scared and tired." The men then took the cat to a local animal shelter. “I really hope it gets a good home,” Mercil said, adding he would have been ready to keep the cat himself if it wasn’t for the fact that he already has two big dogs at home.

Students carried barrel of beer up Ben Nevis to set up pop-up bar

Three students and a barman climbed to the summit of Britain’s highest mountain with a barrel of ale and set up a bar.

Dave Cooke, 21, Harriet Allbrook, 21, and Oscar Price, 19, spent nearly four hours hauling the nine-gallon cask, capable of filling 72 pint glasses, of Tunnel Vision beer to the top of Ben Nevis in Scotland.

They also took bottles, mats and pint glasses to create the pop-up bar and serve the ale, produced by the Box Steam brewery near Trowbridge, Wiltshire, to climbers at the 4,408ft (1,344-metre) summit. The students, from Wiltshire, answered an advert from the brewery to take part in the challenge alongside Dom Lane, one of its employees.

Asked why the group undertook the adventure, Andy Roberts, Box Steam managing director, said: “Because it’s there. Tunnel Vision is one of our most popular beers and we’re proud to see it served all over the country. We don’t want anyone to miss out, so here we are – the highest bar in the UK. Cheers! This expedition is slightly more exploratory than our usual field marketing.”

Message from Allah found on egg

A Muslim couple were amazed to find an egg with a message from Allah embossed on it. Farid Jussab, 37, of Belgrave, Leicester, said his outlook had been rocked by the discovery of the phrase "None to be worshipped except Allah" in Arabic. "I can't sleep. I feel I have to let people know," he said.

"I'm not the sort of man who prays five times a day and this is amazing. I'm going to keep the egg forever." Farid's wife Anisa, was the first one to notice the marks on the egg. He said: "My missus bought the eggs in Iceland last week because she wanted to bake a cake for me at the weekend. When she took the egg out she felt the marks with her hand and then looked and saw our god's name on it, as well as other writing all the way around.

"I was sleeping and she came running upstairs to wake me. The sun was shining and I could see it perfectly. All the hairs on my arms stood up. We were both so shocked and surprised." Farid said he had spoken to a teacher at a local mosque who advised him to let the contents of the egg out to stop it becoming rotten. Farid said: "He said I must make a hole and get the egg out and then eat the egg with my wife.

"Then I shall put the shell in a glass container where anyone can come and see it." Anisa, 36, said: "It's a miracle and a blessing. It's not something anyone has carved on the egg. These things appear and I've heard about this sort of thing in the roots of trees and in the sky. It is a sign and I think it's a message to all Muslims to forgive and to have a clean heart." The couple have shown the egg to many Muslim friends and neighbours who agreed the message was a sign from God.

Death crash driver jailed after sex act at 60mph

A motorist who became intimate with his girlfriend moments before he crashed his car has been sentenced to seven years for causing her death. Minesh Parbat, 36, of Maidenbower, Crawley, was driving his BMW at 60mph when he crashed on the A2011 in West Sussex, on 9 March 2014. His girlfriend, Lisa Watling, 28, was thrown from the car and died later in hospital from her injuries. Parbat denied causing her death but was found guilty after a trial in July.

He had claimed in court he dropped his trousers as part of a dare with mother-of-two Ms Watling. He told jurors she said she was feeling "horny" and invited him to pull down his trousers as he drove. He claimed she sat on the dashboard, then moved in front of him and obscured his view. But he denied anything sexual had taken place and said he struggled to get Ms Watling off him before the crash. Prosecutor Philip Meredith asked him: "You dropped your trousers and pants to play a part in this sexual act didn't you?

"The idea was to masturbate or be fellated. Whether having full intercourse in the driver's seat there's nothing else to explain it other than some sort of hand job or fellatio. That was what was really going on wasn't it?" Parbat denied the allegations and said he carefully stopped and applied the handbrake at a roundabout to pull his pants down to "half-mast". But the prosecution said he or his girlfriend lowered them while the car was moving. Jurors heard Parbat veered into the central reservation, then over-steered before crashing into a fence.

In the aftermath of the collision, Parbat was discovered with his trousers and underwear around his ankles. Ms Watling was found seriously injured in just a T-shirt and bra. Parbat gave a positive blood test showing 102 milligrams of alcohol per 100 millilitres of blood. The drink-drive limit is 80 milligrams. Jailing him, Recorder Peter Griffiths QC said Parbat was "entirely" responsible for causing the crash "while engaged in some form of sexual activity". Parbat was also disqualified from driving for seven years and told he must take an extended driving test before he is allowed to drive again.

Wife smashed alarm clock over husband's head after he asked for a goodnight kiss

A woman has avoided jail after breaking an alarm clock over her husband’s head when he asked for a goodnight kiss. Portsmouth Crown Court heard Kathryne Borthwick, 26, went to bed after drinking with husband Monty, who is in his late 50s. Tim Dracass, prosecuting, said Mr Borthwick had followed his wife upstairs at their home in Southsea, Hampshire. He said: "He said to his wife 'what about my goodnight kiss?'

"He then describes how he took his shirt off in a jovial manner. He describes the defendant flying at him and raining blows on him. He says that everything after was a blur. She picked up an alarm clock and started to hit him with it." He added: "The alarm clock broke during that process. The defendant grabbed hold of Mr Borthwick’s mobile telephone and started hitting him on the head. He felt blood running down his head and saying “please, please” and the defendant swearing and cursing then throwing his CD collection."

The ambulance was called at about 9.45pm on April 18. Mr Borthwick was left with two cuts to his head. The court heard Mr Borthwick did not want his wife to be charged and she was due to go to trial but pleaded guilty to assault occasioning actual bodily harm. Mr Dracass added it was not the first time the defendant had acted like this after drinking. But Mr Dracass said: "He considers this was very much out of character so far as his wife was concerned and alcohol was probably the cause."

He said the pair want to put this ‘nightmare’ behind them. The pair met online and Borthwick had come from the Philippines to this country in 2014. Charlotte Hole, defending, said Borthwick was not used to drinking alcohol and it badly affected her but had now given it up. Judge Roger Hetherington handed her a 12-month community order with a rehabilitation activity requirement of 15 days. He said: "For some reason, which is something of a mystery, you flew at him in a rage hitting him with whatever came to hand."