Thursday, July 28, 2016

Big hug

Puppy plays fetch with limited enthusiasm

Cocoa does fetch the ball, but her heart may not be fully into it.

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Here's a swimming bat

Fimed at Rock Garden in Chandigarh, India.

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There are additional videos here and here.

$3million lottery winner invested money in crystal meth enterprise

A man who won $3 million on a scratch-off lottery game last year in Waycross, Georgia, invested all of his winnings in a crystal meth trafficking ring, federal prosecutors say.

Ronnie Music, Jr, 45, plead guilty to federal drug trafficking and firearm charges during a plea hearing last week. Evidence presented in the case suggested Music worked with a group to gain access to and distribute methamphetamine throughout Georgia.

Some of Music's conspirators were caught trying to sell about 11 pounds of crystal meth, valued at more than $500,000. Music was revealed as the supplier during the investigation. Agents seized over $1 million worth of methamphetamine, a large cache of firearms, thousands of rounds of ammunition, multiple vehicles, and over $600,000 in cash.

"Defendant Music decided to test his luck by sinking millions of dollars of lottery winnings into the purchase and sale of crystal meth," United States Attorney Ed Tarver said in a press release. "As a result of his unsound investment strategy, Music now faces decades in a federal prison."

Man who led police on 42-mile chase said he was too scared, high and drunk to stop

A driver led police officers in Boone County, Kentucky, on a 42-mile high-speed chase early on Friday.

Jeremy Carf, 37, from Aurora, Indiana, led officers from five different law enforcement agencies for 50 minutes to Corinth, Kentucky. During the pursuit, speeds varied between 40 and 90 miles per hour, deputies said. Authorities tried using “stop sticks” twice, but they were not successful.

While they were driving through Williamstown, Carf called the Boone County Dispatch and said he was scared to stop because he was high, drunk and just broke up with his girlfriend, deputies said. The dispatcher was able to convince him to stop near to Corinth.

Carf was charged with speeding, reckless driving, DUI, fleeing or evading, possession of marijuana, possession of drug paraphernalia, operating on suspended or revoked licence and a Boone County flagrant non-support arrest warrant. He was being held in the Boone County Detention Center.

Fisherman had unexpected encounter with a snarling badger that jumped into his boat

A man from Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, had an unexpected encounter with a snarling badger while fishing in the middle of a lake. Ron Lancour was alone in his boat on Sheridan Lake, enjoying a peaceful day fishing, when a fully-grown badger suddenly jumped on board.

"He was telling me to get out of that boat, because he was coming in there. I guess he was tired of swimming," Lancour said. "I grabbed my net. With the handle I tried to poke him back into the water, but he was gaining ground on me." Lancour said he then fought off the badger three more times with a wooden oar before he was able to push it back into the lake.

But the persistent badger then jumped back into the boat from a different side, and Lancour had to fight it off again. "I knew that I had to stun him somehow. I certainly didn't want to hit him across the head and kill him, they are a protected species in British Columbia," he said. Lancour says he finally managed to escape by speeding away from the animal.

Badgers are extremely rare in British Columbia. According to Parks Canada, there are only about 200 of them left in the province. A Badgers in British Columbia spokesperson said badgers are proficient swimmers, often crossing bodies of water to seek prey and explore new territory. According to the group, badgers are not particularly aggressive, unless they're out in the open.

Bull popped into high street bank during Spanish festival

Traditionally, it's china shops that fear a mighty bull entering the premises.

But one bull entered a different kind of establishment during the annual bull run at a festival in Cheste, Valencia, Spain.

The half tonne beast took a break from chasing revellers to slip inside the door of a Bankia branch.

YouTube link. Additional YouTube video.

Several runners followed the bull into the building and held the door open so it could emerge onto the street and continue on its way.

Controversy over puppet chef making haggis with a condom wrapping

Parents in Sweden have complained after they sat down with their children to watch a television programme only to watch a puppet character use a condom to make the Scottish delicacy haggis. The Scots dish is traditionally made from sheep's innards minced with onion, oatmeal and spices and wrapped inside the animal's stomach, although these days artificial skin is normally used.

But a children's television show took culinary creativity to a whole new level when the host, a puppet chef of French descent named Bon, instead decided to stuff the meat and juices in a condom. Explaining in the video that he does not have an animal stomach at hand, he reaches for a handbag, saying: "Grandma usually has things in her bag… perhaps there's something we can use. Balloons! That will work just as well."

Except what he attaches to the sausage-style haggis machine is clearly not a balloon, but a condom. "I'm watching Bon who is today making haggis and is using a CONDOM as a balloon because there wasn't a sheep's stomach. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?? Disgusting, unethical and highly inappropriate," one furious viewer said. SVT's head of children's television, Johanna GĂ„rdare, defended the condom haggis. "It's of course unfortunate if our content upsets the viewers, whether it's the target group or their parents. The purpose in this case was to entertain.

"I understand if you don't appreciate this kind of humour, but I can't see that it's inappropriate by definition to show a picture of a condom in a humourous show aimed at children in middle school," she said, adding that she had only received three complaints from parents. Asked if she was surprised by the reactions, she said: "Sometimes you get very surprised by what upsets people, because different things upset different people. Our intention is never to upset parents, but to entertain and deliver good content for the children (and parents). In my experience all content that touches at all on the area of sex gets more reactions than other content, so for that reason I'm not surprised."

You can watch the video clip here.

Public warned not to approach ostrich family on the loose

A family of ostriches is on the loose around a village in East Ayrshire, Scotland. The Scottish SPCA said there had been several sightings of the adult bird in Patna last week.

They have advised members of the public not to approach the adult ostrich which will be protective of its young and could become "extremely aggressive" if it believes it is being challenged.

It is unclear where the ostriches have escaped from. Animal Rescue Officer Alistair Hill said: "Anyone in the area who spots the ostrich or its young should call us as soon as possible so we can keep an eye on where these birds are.

"We are warning members of the public not to approach the adult ostrich and to especially avoid approaching its young as ostriches can be very protective and can become extremely aggressive."

Man who harassed women by pushing knickers through their letterboxes given restraining order

A man who left more than 20 pairs of unworn knickers at the homes of two women in Shirley, Solihull, Birmingham, has been handed a restraining order. 57-year-old John Taylor from Chelmsley Wood, Birmingham, did not know either of his victims and left no note at either address. The underwear was new, unworn and bought from local supermarkets, including Sainsbury’s, Asda and Tesco.

Magistrates heard the offences occurred in two roads in Shirley, close to where Taylor was living at the time, between January and March this year. Helen Shipley, prosecuting, said the first victim was a 75-year-old woman who lived alone in a bungalow. She first found a pair of knickers dangling from her front door handle in January and then on February 4 discovered four pair of pants in a carrier bag stuffed into her letterbox. A week later she opened her front door to find a Tesco carrier bag containing more women’s underwear and on Valentine’s Day a bag was left on her front door handle, filled with eight pairs of pants.

On February 26 another bag appeared, this one containing three pairs of knickers. The pensioner alerted police and Solihull Council. Its housing department installed a spyhole camera in her front door. Taylor also targeted a second victim, aged 39, who was first targeted by Taylor on February 15 when the knickers were left on the handle of her front door. She assumed it was a Valentine’s gift left at the wrong address, but then on March 18 her partner found two pairs of knickers in their porch. The couple installed CCTV cameras outside their house to try and catch the culprit - and later caught Taylor on camera.

He was arrested on April 6 and at first denied the offences. But his identity was later confirmed by the CCTV footage. Miss Shipley said he had no previous convictions, apart from a caution for shoplifting. Taylor’s solicitor, Edward Ball, said his client’s motivation was “loneliness” following the breakdown of his long-term relationship. “He is thoroughly ashamed and was a very lonely man at the time he committed these offences,” he said. Taylor was given a 12 month restraining order banning him from contacting either victim after he admitted two charges of harassment. He was also issued with a 12-month community order, fined £120, and ordered to pay £135 costs and a £60 victim surcharge.

Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Well won't you look at that

Warren the baby rhino is taken for a walk

Warren is being looked after at Care for Wild Africa, the largest rhino orphanage in the world.

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Here's Rowdy the black Labrador with vitiligo

14-year-old Rowdy from Canby, Oregon, has vitiligo, a disorder that causes the loss of skin pigment. The condition began within the last couple of years.

His owners, Niki and Tim Umbenhower, are regularly stopped by strangers who think they have painted his eyes white. Rowdy is now helping teach children that being different is beautiful, as a representative of the American Vitiligo Research Foundation.

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Man accused of committing lewd acts with cars

A man was arrested after he was accused of urinating and committing lewd acts with cars.

The incidents happened in the parking lot of a Foosackly's restaurant in Mobile, Alabama, on Friday night.

Mobile Police arrested 39-year-old, Patrick Earl Glydewell from Saucier, Mississippi.

He was charged with public lewdness and disorderly conduct and is being held in Mobile County jail.

Police hunt burglar who broke into home, stole popsicle's and urinated on woman's toilet seat

Police are looking for a burglar who broke into a residence, stole popsicles and urinated on a toilet seat.

A woman said someone broke into her home in Rome, Georgia, on Saturday night and rearranged items in the house.

She told police that the rear door had been forced open. The only items that appeared to have been stolen were popsicles valued at $2.

The victim said the burglar had also urinated on her toilet seat. Officers collected a sample on cotton swabs for DNA analysis.

Police reunited traveller with his errant turtle that had escaped at bus station

A turtle found wandering around a busy New York City bus terminal has been reunited with its grateful but sleepy owner.

Two turtles escaped from a bag in the Port Authority Bus Terminal after their owner fell asleep on Sunday afternoon, police said.

A police officer found one near a parked bus after a dispatcher reported seeing the reptile in the roadway at around 1:30pm, Port Authority spokesman Joe Pentangelo said. Half-an-hour later, police then got word of a second turtle on the loose.

When they arrived at the spot where a witness saw it, the owner had already retrieved the reptile. Police then returned the first escapee to the owner, who said the animals slipped out of a blue shoulder bag while he dozed off. Officers don't know where the man was from or where he was heading.

Seal found in cemetery toilet relocated closer to the ocean

A 120-kilogram seal has been released close to the ocean after being caught napping in a cemetery toilet on the north-west coast of Tasmania, Australia. The male Australian fur seal was found asleep in a cubicle in the female toilets at the Mersey Vale Lawn Cemetery in Devonport on Tuesday.

The council's Karina Moore said she initially thought it was a joke when a council works crew emailed her about the seal they dubbed "Sammy". Wildlife biologist Rachel Alderman said Parks and Wildlife officers sedated the seal in the toilet block while they prepared to move it.

"The officers were able to shut the door to the cubicle and keep it contained, which reduced potential issues for the seal and people, so you couldn't have asked for a better result, really," she said. "We try to intervene as little as possible, but obviously in this case the seal posed a potential risk to itself to get back to the water. It was possibly going to have to cross a road or encounter all sorts of other objects, and also human safety is a concern as well."

She said the seal probably swam up nearby Horsehead Creek, and it was not unusual for seals to make their way into cities and towns in Tasmania. "They're a really abundant species all around Tasmania, particularly in Bass Strait, and we've had them turn up in Cataract Gorge, paddocks, people's backyards, and now we can add a toilet block in a cemetery to the list." The seal was released at a nearby beach.

There's a video of the seal inside the toilet here.

Lifeguard surprised to find hedgehog in water flume

A lifeguard at a water park made an unusual find when she spotted a hedgehog inside a water flume. The discovery was made by Emily Daniels during the daily safety check of the flumes and slides at Splashdown Quaywest in Paignton, Devon.

"It wasn't camouflaged at all, so it was a bit of a shock to see it there," she said. "I've no idea how it got there but it hadn't climbed far as it was near the bottom of the flume," Ms Daniels said. "I'm not really an animal person, but it was quite small so I got a pair of gloves from the first aid station and managed to pick it up."

Operations manager Jon Lees said although one or two hedgehogs had been seen in the grounds of the water park, to his knowledge, they had never attempted to climb the 60ft (18m) flume known as Devil's Drop before. "It was lucky Emily spotted the animal, as it could have been painful for someone coming down the flume.

"And it wouldn't have done the hedgehog much good," he added. If the normally nocturnal creature had slipped down the flume into the water, it would probably have survived as hedgehogs can swim, but the RSPCA said it was lucky the lifeguard had been so vigilant. The little creature has now been relocated to a nearby hedgerow.

Mystery surrounds perfectly circular damp patch

A mysterious damp patch has a parish council baffled. The circular area at the village green in Holyport, Berkshire, which has been fenced off by Bray Parish Council, appears to keep flooding, however nobody knows why.

Bray Parish Council has been working with the Royal Borough and Thames Water to investigate the cause and has taken samples from the area. Ken Elvin, chairman of Bray Parish Council said: “We don’t know why it keeps flooding.

“It’s been like that for a few weeks. It’s a perfectly circular damp patch and Thames Water and the Royal Borough of Windsor and Maidenhead are mystified. We are in the process of pursuing it with RBWM, but they don’t know what it is.

“Thames Water have taken samples. It’s not sewage and they don’t believe it is drinking water because it contains low levels of chlorine. It could be a spring or anything, we’ve been investigating it for a month and we have no firm conclusion. It’s a problem and it’s a mystery.”

Model boat enthusiast requested the Queen's help as aggressive swan wreaks havoc on lake

A rogue swan is wreaking havoc at a Suffolk lake, sinking boats who dare to share his water. For decades the model boating club at Needham Lake coexisted peacefully with the local wildlife, but the arrival of the aggressive male swan has seen that relationship take a turn for the worse. One younger model boater has even written to the Queen in frustration, demanding that the menacing swan is brought in line. No fewer than eight intricately built model boats have been “annihilated” by the bird in a few weeks, leaving model boat enthusiasts scared to put their boats in the water. “He is a menace on the lake,” said Gipping Valley Model Boat Club treasurer, Cliff Galsworthy. He attacked my boat nearly straight after I put it in. I have spent about 10 full days trying to repair it. “It took about six months to build and he just smashed it to pieces a few weeks ago.

“I have fixed most of the superstructure but I still need to do the wiring.” The swan, who now has an unprintable nickname among boat club members, has a particular hatred of sailing boats but still lists some of the faster motor-powered ships among his victims. “He just smashes at them with his wings,” added Mr Galsworthy. “He annihilates them, tries to get on top and sink them. If you sail within 30-50 yards of him he will attack. He even attacks when his cygnets are nowhere near the boats.” The bird is part of a pair who currently have four cygnets – but the boat club has shared the lake with swans during breeding season many times before without a single incidence of bird-on-boat violence. Attendances at the club have fallen by half as a result of the attacks, with boaters afraid to put their pride and joy out to water if the bird is in sight.

Some of the larger boats are worth up to £15,000, with many the result of months and even years of build work. One of the swan’s rampages was caught on camera by model boat club member Peter Ashford. He described how it reared up over the boat, leaving the owner powerless to steer away. “He smashed it with his wings over and over again,” said Mr Ashford. “It was like the Bismarck, the rudder got stuck and it kept going in circles around the swan, which made things worse. We would never go near the swans but this one seems to come after them. It pushed it under and it eventually sunk. Luckily there was a flotation aid in the end, which kept it just above the water. A couple of boats nudged it back to shore and we fished it out with a long pole.” One model boat club member who had two of his boats attacked has taken to writing to the Queen in a bid to get the “menace” moved on.

Dean Cable, 23, from Wickham Skeith, said he is afraid to put his boats in the water if the swan is about. He said: “I wrote to the Queen telling her the swan is a menace and I would like him to be moved on if possible. I said usually I like swans, but this one was attacking our boats and I would like to be able to boat in peace. I told her the geese have no problem with us, the ducks seem to enjoy it and the swans we used to have at the lake were not a problem. One duck even hopped onto a barge for a ride. It is just this swan that is a problem and I want to see him moved elsewhere. I had one of my boats valued a month ago and I can tell you I don’t want that swan in the water at the same time as my boat.” The swans at Needham Lake are Mute Swans, and many people believe these are owned by the Queen. However, the only swans now owned by Her Majesty are those on the Thames and associated waterways. The bird is protected from attacks under law, making it a criminal offence to harm swans. They are native to the British Isles.